This is one of the new shirts I got from Zara!! I wish you guys can see this beauty in real life!! It for sure got my attention, not because it was the cutest thing in the store, but I just feel like this shirt is totes underestimated!! It was just hidden in the corner and it is so adorable!! It actually has sparkles on the shirt so it is perf for any holiday parties–you can dress it up with a leather skirt and tights or you can wear it with some black skinny jeans paired with a leather jacket! Or fur!! ALWAYS SAY YES TO FUR!!

Lovin’ my cheetah print jacket! It is probably top 5 of my fave winter pieces just because cheetah is always in style and it goes great with anything+it is super warm+cozy!!

I also just got more blonde added to my hair! what do you guys think?!

I am obvi a natural brunette, but it is always fun to switch it up a bit!

Also I know I blogged about these velvet booties a while ago, but honestly they are a classic! Anything velvet is a must for Winter.




Los Angeles

IMG_3033IMG_3028FullSizeRender (47)

#the #grove

aka my favey place in the whole entire world!! I love going to this outdoor mall! It is so pretty and fun just to go+shop, go have a cocktail, listen to some music in the park! AHHH its amazziiinngggg!

The Grove is known for its high fashion attire so I wanted to dress the part! They have perfff picture spots so come dressed to impress! It’s always a good idea to wear fur+pair it with these pants+you are ready to walk the runway! I really wanted to wear trendy pieces so that’s why I paired the houndstooth pants with the “extra” fur jacket and of course my white boots! I actually got lot of compliments on this outfit so I hope you guys love it as well! I am also really into turtlenecks! It is the season to bring em’ out, but I specifically love the black one i am wearing! It is ribbed, and only $7.90 on the f21 website! You guys have to check it out! They do come in different colors as well!

Of course I had to stop for some ice cream! They have the best homemade ice cream at the farmer’s market that is located in the Grove! It is called Bennett’s ice cream! So if you guys are ever in town go get some! They have yummy flavors! Also during christmas time they have fake snow fall down!!! it’s just the best and the location is perf to see some celebs and to feel like you are a popstar undercover!

Also I got some really unique pieces @ Zara!! I will be blogging about them in a couple of days I have just been a little under the weather ūüė¶ Stay healthy guys!!


Bonjour Betch


sooo super excited that it is finally fall in LA!

I can finally really wear warm clothes! I have all of my fall clothes in a box in my garage so I took them all out+ I can’t wait to start wearing them!

Fall+winter are my all time favey seasons of the year! Who else agrees?!

I love how cool my outfit came out! I am so in love with berets! I actually got this little hat last year, but I never wore it because I just didn’t know how or what to wear it with, but it actually has come out to be one of my favey fall pieces! It literally looks cute with any warm+cozy outfit! also the fact that it is black is amaze because it matches with every-thingggg #yas

Also I am obsessed with my silver metallic flats! My mom got them for me at nine west, and they are soo comfy!! And it is a plus that the color is super instyle this season! Normally I do not care for nine west, but I have to say that all the shoes I own from them are a huge hit!

If you guys don’t own anything metallic, you must, must, MMUUSSSTT get it now!! I can honestly wear these shoes all day without my feet hurting so that is a plus! I need more metallic stuff guys lol I saw this really cute metallic bomber jacket at forever so I might just add that to my closet! hehe

Also to give my outfit i little extra kick I added in my fur coat. As if my outfit couldn’t be more extra! LOL but this is one of my fave pieces in my closet so I can’t wait to see how else I style this coat!

Happy Sunday Peeps!




#borrowed #from #the #boys

Trousers!! Super instyle rn for fall! I am so obsessed with them!

I feel like trousers have obvi always been in style, but I am barely getting into the trend!

I am so in luv w/ the print of them! They look cute for work with some furry loafers and a white or black turtleneck, or if you want to dress it up a bit you can wear them with black heels or white booties!

It looks so cute w/ a little cabby hat or a little beret hat! It is so classy+chic! If you wanna be a #sophisticated #betch then these are a must!!

also, you can never go wrong with a kate spade blouse! Kate Spade still has my heart! Even if I do not work there anymore I am still into the brand!

I also love these pants paired with a good fur jacket!! The pants run a little big so go a little smaller!

I got them @ F21!

Happy saturday guys! Stay W A R M+ stay in tonight! It is always fun to watch some netflix with a cup of hot chocolate!







I legit have a shopping problem! I just wanna keep buying more and more!

My #latestobsession are these white boots!!! I had my eye on them for weeks now, but never bought them. I kept staring @ them at work trying to talk myself out of splurging on yet another pair of booties, but I just couldn’t resist! I had to buy them!! i do not regret these ones! How chic are they??

I love them because they are super affordable! Trends come and go, and I know these white boots will only stay in style this season so why not just buy an inexpensive, cute pair?! The faux leather is good too because if for some reason they get dirty, all you have to do is get a wipey and clean off the dirt #hairflip simple+easy

I love this outfit because it is super chill, but gives it that edge with the booties

I am literally a #bootiequeen

someone please take away my card!!! lol

how are you guys likin’ the booties??

Happy Monday!


Ashley Her x AUrate NY

Happy Tuesday dolls!

I have decided to do a little project with auratenewyork on how to transition your summer wardrobe into fall wardrobe while using beautiful jewelry! This is my favey thing to do! You guys already know how much I love picking out outfits, but you should see how I incorporate the perf accessories to go with it!  As soon as fall begins, I love to clean out my closets and see what can work, and what has to go #byesummer

Lately I have been really into jewelry, so once I discovered AUrate New York, I literally fell in love!! I am 100% obsessed with everything they sell! ¬†Just a little background story about this company, all their jewelry is handmade in NYC. How cool is that? I don’t know about you, but I love to buy good quality jewelry that can be kept with you for a lifetime, so if you are looking for real, beautiful, gold I would for sure shop here! Also, I love shopping for a good cause, so whenever you purchase something from the shop the money goes straight to help children in disadvantaged schools.

Aurate New York is so generous, and sweet. How many times do companies actually do charity work? Probably only about 50% of companies do this, so for me to shop somewhere that actually gives back is heartwarming! You guys have to check out their  BLOG 

It will totally make you happy seeing what these children think about getting new books, and etc.

so back to fashion tips…here it is guys, this is my version of how I transitioned my summer wardrobe into the perf fall ensemble! Since I live in sunny Los Angeles we really do not get super cold weather until late November, but it is getting really cold at night and in the mornings, so I decided to wear the skirt for a day look.

During the day it is so hot that wearing a denim skirt is absolutely necessary! I paired it with these adorable flower booties that are super comfy so you can wear them all day without getting tired! And they add the perf POP to any outfit!

As I said, it gets extremely cold at night so I got this mustard/yellow-ish sweater from F21 plus. It is so cute and such a great fall color!! It is lightweight, but it is v. warm! So you are good to wear it for this 80 degree weather and also wear it at night when it becomes 60 degrees.

I wanted to add in jewelry that is the perf mix of summer and fall, so above I have these beautiful  gold hoops. You can wear gold hoops anytime, anywhere! They are awesome for summer when it is hot, just throw your hair in a bun and call it a day. You can wear these hoops for fall with your hair down, like I am.  JUST ALWAYS SAY YES TO HOOPS.

I love, love, LUV the¬†Iconic Earring¬†because it looks like two little “A’s” and that is perf for me because my name is Ashley #DUH It comes in white gold, yellow gold, and rose gold. You can for sure wear these for both seasons. They are simple yet amazingly chic.

Last, but not least my fave earrings for fall are the Flower Earring Stud like omg how cute are these??? They go perfect with my black flower booties, and are so cute to wear in fall with a fur coat or leather jacket! Add tights to my denim skirt and you already are on trend!

Also I picked out a couple of rings that I liked from the site! I am obsessed with wearing a bunch of rings on every finger! The rings I picked are just a necessity for fall! They go perfectly with literally anything you wear! You can wear them on a chill day, or if you go out to a special event at night! They are so dainty and fem! like I said, It is a must for fall!

What do you guys think about this look, and how are we liking the jewelry I picked??


I can’t wait to see what you guys think!

Sending Lots of Love around the globe !






#wedding #vibes

So, I randomly was invited to go to a wedding this past weekend, and I was looking through my closet like crazy trying to find the perf dress! As much as I love shopping, I really do not have a lot of fancy dresses. I own a lot of beautiful Kate Spade dresses, but I have totally worn them way too many times, and I wanted to look chill, and not so girly like I normally dress.

I have been doing some research on the latest winter trends, and I found that jumpsuits were going to be the new thing. I went to my favey store (forever) and I found this black velvet jumpsuit! I was a little iffy at first because it is very sexy, and totally out of my comfort zone, but I really wanted to prove to myself that I could wear something like this.

I tried it on, and yup I obvi loved it! It was super comfy and perf for the occasion. I wanted to causal+chill+not too over the top and it turned out exactly how I wanted it to be. I love this outfit because like most dresses you only wear once and throw it out, but since the jumpsuit is black and super cas, you can for sure wear it more than once.

I can wear it to work with a band tee over it, or I can wear it out to dinner or to a family party and pair it with this gold sparkly sweater that I have. You can wear this outfit multiple times, and you don’t even have to wear heels with it! You can rock it with some edgy booties, or some Vans! It was def a good choice because it was so cozy it felt like I was wearing my PJ’s the whole night!

Also, since it is v. sexy, you really do not need to wear any jewelry. I only wore this necklace because I thought it looked more fancy since I was going to a very important event, but if I were to wear it again I would for sure stay away from anything that big. Also it would look awesome if you bought a jumpsuit and put your hair in a slick black pony tail with some red lips!