Back On Road

Hi, hi, hi!

woahhh, I have not been on this in such a long time, and I am super sorry! Time goes by sooo quickly + I don’t think I have been on my own blog in like at least 2 years. That is a crazy amount of time. My bf was the one to even get me my laptop so I can start a blog and I have not even used it!!! I need to get back on track, but before we talk fashion let me tell you a little bit about what has happened in my life.

First off, obviously I am still with bae. We have been together for almost 5 years! We couldn’t be more in love. I honestly cherish my relationship with him so much, and love every second of it. Yes, we are still in the honeymoon stage + tbh, I really don’t think we will ever get out of it. *praying we don’t* yes, i am obsessed with him, and no I don’t think that’s a bad thing. Being in love is the most magical feeling ever and I hope everyone finds it in something or someone.

Secondly, I have my dream job!!!! You are looking at your new social media creative coordinator//graphic designer//fashion stylist//website assistant//blogger for a women’s clothing company.  FINALLY out of retail. I am finally blogging for my new company I work for, and write weekly fashion tips/style tips/ trends!! Soooo cool! It is not my *this is it, I found my career* type of job but it defff is an amazing step in the right direction and I love it so much. I wish I could say it was my dream career, which in a way yes, it is, but I just have sooo many dreams of what I want my future to look like. I want to work for a huge successful company and be styling celebs. Soon. I hope.

Lastly, I think I am starting to finally want to be more mature. I want to find my own path, and even though I just turned 25, I want to make it a great year. It has def been a crazy month and It’s barely july, but this month I have learned a few things about myself;

I am smart

I am comfortable in my own skin

I finally don’t feel insecure anymore

I have my own voice

I have lost a really good friend, but sometimes people grow apart and that’s okay. It doesn’t mean that I would ever wish bad thoughts on her or hate her. I don’t. I realized that when people grow older they just have different perspectives and people grow up and move on. That’s what meeting new people is for. I am NOT addicted to alcohol but sometimes when I drink too much I turn into this person who I absolutely hate. I never have drank every day, but of course when it is the weekend I want to have fun, but every now and then I have too much and cause madness. I am not saying I am going to give it up completely, but I want to try super hard to stop, and learning how to control my alcohol consumption.

25 is supposed to be a year of finding yourself. I haven’t figured it all out yet, but I want to try.

I am happy. so happy. I can’t wait to enjoy my last few years of being in my twenties before the big 3 0  and I want to be a better person. I want to be a better daughter, friend, lover, worker, everything.

That’s my rant. Thank you to all who have continued to follow me + I can’t wait to show you more style inspo and fashion tips annnnddd every now and then another rant about this crazy thing called life.





Mix’n Match


What do you guys think about this mix’n match look?!

I nearly freaked when I looked at myself in the mirror with this outfit but to be honest, I oddly like it. I would for sure wear black strappy heels or black booties with the look! Also by adding in a black leather jacket for a dinner date would look even better!

Something about the pattern on the shirt and the stripes on my pants has got me feelin’ some type of way!

I love always going for a different look. I honestly think I have the weirdest style ever and not many people get it, but that’s okay too. What can I say, I like weird stuff!

It is always good to stand out every now and then!





Hi everyone ❤

I just got my first full time job so I have been extremely busy lately and haven’t had much time to take pictures of my outfits! But I got the chance to squeeze in one the other day!

I am still in love with this gingham vibe! You can never go wrong with this print! It is super nice to wear with leather pants, booties or a classic blk heel!

I actually brought back these pants that have been sitting in my garage+they are super ancient! I think I got them like 7 years ago lol but they still happen to be my favey! They were one of the first pairs of pants I had ever gotten from Zara! You can’t really tell in the pic, but they have a snake print fabric which I love

++ I love my silver booties! They are perfect for holiday season/winter!


Girls Tour


I am so obsessed with this look!

I’ve been super into t-shirt dresses lately + this one is from this really dope boutique called “Sorella”. I’ve mentioned it before, but you girls need to check it out! They have lots of cool t-shirt dresses in so many cool colors+it is pretty affordable! I love everything about that store! I also paired this dress with my leather jacket+it looked perf for a night look.

Also HOW COOL ARE MY BOOTS!! I don’t really wear knee high boots too often, but I could not pass these up! +++guess how much they were at F21?! They were only $4.00!!!!! Can you believe that? They were normally like $50 so I got a pretty good deal! I love the plaid fabric, it reminds me of Kendall Jenner lol + they look great with skinny jeans

I’m just really diggin’ this outfit! What do you guys think?!

Sorry I haven’t posted I have been soooo busy butttt I hope you all have a great week! I plan to be blogging a lot more! Stay Tuned!


I am a star gurl



+++not to mention it was so affordable! I got this pretty thing on sale on the F21 website for only $15!!! It was such a great price for such a gorgeous/fashionable dress.

The quality is not the greatest, but it works for the price! It is one of those wrap around dresses so It would actually even look cute with little hi-waisted shorts, booties, and a white tee with the dress over it as like a cover up! It is honestly so adorable to wear out to dinner or for fourth of july if you wanna be festive!

I love stars! I have been wanting to buy anything with stars on it for the longest time, but I could never find the right star lol. I know that sounds absurd, but for real I am super picky about how the star is designed! so i am sooo happy I finally found one that I loved!

Hope you guys have a startastic week 😉


dat new new


heyy heyy hey!

So guys, I recently just got really into this brand called “sorella”. (Kylie Jenner’s best friend owns it so that should be enough to check it out!)

They have lots of “trill” apparel+vintage keepsakes which is super rad

I was inspired by their models when I took this pic.

the style is not for everyone though, but I love it! They have lots of cool “girls tour” items which are so cute+fun! (not wearing sorella, only the sunnies are from there) but i did buy lots of stuff from there I just have not worn them yet! 😉


I have been super into camo pants but I never bought them..actually I have some camo sweats, but I realllyyy wanted some cool ones like these! I got them at Pretty Little Thing! which is my new fave online store! They do have reasonable prices and great sales! You guys should for sure check it out. Camo is also really on trend right now! Depending on how you wear it, it will look awesome! I would only wear these pants with high heels though, just to make it look more sexy and not so tomboy-ish.

So far I love them!!! I would love to pair it with a black tube top or a cool crop top! I just need to go shopping to find the right piece to go with it. For now I just paired it with a girly blk tank top.

I just got those cool “sock heels” @ Zara!! I am obsessed! The heel is a little higher than what I normally go for, but they are super cozy+in style this season! They match with everything+they are my latest obsession.




Thank gawd it’s friday!!!

I have been waiting for this day all week! lol I feel like I had such a stressful week so it is a blessing that I got through it! (been job searching for like decades)

The other day I went to a hockey game in Ontario, CA+before the game we stopped at this super fun/chill restaurant  (literally had to spell check “restaurant”) lol

anywho if you guys are ever around that area you must go! it is super yummy+inexpensive!

I love this new sweater that my sister gave me! She accidentally ordered two so I got to keep one! You can never go wrong with wearing all blk….except this was probs the worst outfit to wear to a hockey game!! 🙂

It was so uncomfortable and I could barely walk up/down the stairs in these high heeled booties! but still love the outfit just for a diff occasion!

My whole outfit is from @Zara I also added in a small pink glittery purse…you can never go wrong with glitter!