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Happy Saturday!

So I was super stoked because I finally got this “thrasher” tee! I had been wanting it for sooo long so I was so happy when I went shopping w/ my man+he bought it for me!! I know it’s a guys tee, but you guys already know that I am obsessed with guys clothes. I know it is a little cliche+basic since everyone in the universe has it, but I really like it.

They have all sorts of cool colors, but I liked the black one the best.

I wore it last night when I went out to dinner with babe. I paired it with my forever 21 blk jeans. To be completely straight up, the quality on these jeans suck. They are super cheap quality, and tear easily. I do like them because I still like the style of them, but I would for sure stick to #Zara

I, of course wore my fave furry black heels! Even though they are so high, and uncomfortable I had to wear them! I would also wear the top with shorts, a denim skirt, and some pink heels.

These are some cool thrasher shirts that I found take a look!

All of these you could purchase on the thrasher website, your local skateboarding shop, or zumies/boarders.


Fishy Market


San Pedro, CA fish market

All of my LA people where you at?! I just went to this fish market & it was such a beautiful experience! Idk if any of you guys have been there but it is this super cool fish market. You get to walk around the seaport and try out cool places. They have boutiques, food, ice cream, drinks, cool beach supplies, anything you can imagine. But, a little secret about me…I hate fish or any type of seafood. (I know I suck) Actually idk if i actually hate it because I have never tried it, I am sure it is really yummy and someday I really hope I can find the guts to eat it. (No pun intended)

But as for now, I simply just went to check out the vibe of it. I always hear such wonderful things about this place so I had to go! I def recommend anyone who lives in CA to go! It can be overwhelming with all of the people, but it is so worth it, and if you are into photography it is a must to take some dope pics!

My boyf and I went, and he had fish and crab & I must say I wish I liked seafood because I was stuck eating a shitty hamburger!! LOL

The outfit I chose is super cute to wear to the beach! I wore an army jacket with detail on the sleeve which I love! It has flared sleeves which is super cute! It looks a little childish but whatever I like it!

The top I am wearing is my go-to top! I literally wear it all the time! It is a white crop top, but I love it because It does not look too basic because it also has the bow detail on it that can be worn any way. I know I wore this in a couple posts back, but you can wear the bow in the center, on the side, or in the back! It is a great investment.

I also just recently got the acid wash shorts! I love the length of them because I am very uncomfortable wearing “short shorts” and for me these are perf!

You can never go wrong with booties!!!! I am sure you guys know how much I love my boots! I literally wear booties everywhere I go! I love how chic it makes my outfit look! Btw you guys can find some cute inexpensive booties at steve madden! They are super comfy, and good quality, and they always have awesome sales!







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Hiiii favey’s!

Thank you so much for all the love+amazing comments you guys have been sending me! I truly appreciate you all! So as part of being a stylist there is going to be those days when you are so lazy, and feel like you have no clothes! This was me last night when I took these pics! I was on my way to go to a special dinner with my family, and I was just so sleepy and I did not feel like trying to look good haha so I looked through my closet and I literally just start pulling looks, and I ended up loving this one! It is so funky, kinda mix matched, and it looks different. Being a stylist, I realized that there are going to be times when I have no new clothes, but I have to make it work! When you are a true stylist you can make anything work! I love my look because it looks very “chill”. It is fashionable+trendy without even trying. I love these pants because they are super trendy and they have a lot of detail, they have a little bit of distressed action, and they have a deeper blue patch on the back of my pants (not shown). The top that I am wearing is just a simple blk velvet spaghetti strap that is nice to wear for winter or summer. Then I have this bomber jacket that makes my outfit pop! I love the jacket because it is pink which is my fave color and it also adds some spunk to my outfit! I recently noticed that all my favey celeb bloggers had this specific hat, so of course I had to buy! I had actually been wanting one for a long time, but I finally got it & I am so glad that I did! It was only $12 and totes worth it! When you are having a bad hair day you can just throw it on, and you are ready to go! The hat looks super cute with a messy bun like how I wore it! You can wear it with denims, or some striped pants! (You already know how much I love striped clothes) 🙂

I love my mules because they are super comfy, trendy, and easy to just slip right on!

Happy Wednesday!




Summer time, and the livin’s easy


I know a lot of my girl friends love summer just as much as I do because you get to wear shorts, swim suits, and be cool all day, while eating popsicles+hitting up the beach! Summer is so happy! Idk if that makes sense haha, but I feel like nothing bad can ever happen! I love going to the beach, and just tanning, and I love fashion trends for summer!

So listed below are some summer fashion trends I found on pinterest. I have something v. similar to all of these looks, and I just wanted to share them with ya’ll! I am obsessed with long dresses, and lots and lots of stripes! There were so many rad outfits I found, it was so hard to only put up only these ones!  I also added in these yellow sunnies because these are SUUPPEERRR trendy! I also put in some sandals as well because they are also a must have!



Random Thoughts

sooo guys,

I know I have been in the “blogging” world for a couple of months now, and I know there is no right or wrong way to blog, but I was just curious as to what pointers you guys have! I appreciate all of you so much for even following my blog! I am extremely passionate about fashion, and I hope you all enjoy looking at my pictures. I try harder and harder everyday to make this blog interesting and fun!

I just want to be successful, just like everyone else. I have such high dreams, and you guys are helping me make this possible.

Once again I hope you guys have a beautiful Monday! Sending positive vibes all around the world!


-Ashley Herrera



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Hiiii babes,

So, I just wore this outfit on saturday night to a bachelorette party (#wooo) the bride to be told me to dress cool,in black, and something a little more on the sexy side. I did not even have to think twice about what to wear because this outfit was just calling my name! I got this black satin dress at the melrose trading post. I know a few posts back I wrote about how awesome it is, but I got this dress there at a little vendor tent called “PURRRMELROSE”. The dresses they have are all short, fun, vintage, and spunky. The whole wardrobe from that store reminds me of clueless! #v #90’s. I honestly feel like Cher Horowitz had this in her closet lol

Even though my dress reminds me of something else I was actually super inspired by Shiva Safai. If those of you do not know who she is, she is on a reality show called “The Second Wives Club”. She is so CLASSIC!!! She knows how to look beautiful and sexy without coming off the wrong way. I know my dress is short, but to keep it more sophisticated I did my hair in this sleek pony, and added in the perfect fun and playful shoes!

I would style this dress wearing booties, vans, adding in a denim jacket. You could also wear it with a leather jacket if you are going out. You could also add in a white tee to go underneath for a more relaxed look. You can wear tights under, you can pretty much freestyle this look because you can’t go wrong with this simple blk dress!





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Hiiiii dolls!

I know I haven’t posted in awhile so thank you for being super beyond patient! TBH I have been working 5 days a week so I hardly have time to play dress up anymore.

I know I have worn this top in my blog posts before, but I just really love this top! Call me an #outfit #repeater but I want to be able to show you guys different ways of styling this top. The first time I wore this top was on Easter, and I styled it with a white skort. The second one I posted I wore it with a corset, and the same white skort, so now you guys get to see me wearing it with these dope denim cut offs!

This top is so fun because it can either be for a day look or a night look. I personally wear it more during the day, but it would look so cute with a pair of heels!

I feel like this look is so appropriate to wear in westwood, or somewhere in LA forsure.

It is casual+comfy+sexy.

You can not go wrong with this top! I love my sunnies! I feel like it just completes my look! I also love my velvet booties because they will never go out of style!

Follow my instagram for my cute photos! @smaashhleyyy

I hope you guys have a fab weekend!


Top: Zara

Shorts: Forever 21

Booties: Steve Madden

Sunnies: Vintage Finds