Grungy Babe

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I am obsessed w/ blazers! Blazers are a serious fashion trend for this season. This one was from F21. I actually stole it from my sister’s closet! It’s from a few years ago, but it’s F21…I am sure they have a better verison. How cute would this be in a different color?!

Blazers make everything look so chic!

My t-shirt is from Brandy Melville. So cute, right? I obvi don’t like cars, but this was just so cute. I love the vintage feel it brings. Brandy is known for catering to super young girls…I’m talking like 12-16 year olds so #dontjudge haha I just can’t get over it!

I have been shopping there for years + can’t seem to get enough!

Torn denim will forever keep coming back into the fashion game! These are from Cotton On. I begged my bf to get these for me…and of course he did! I am a sucker for these denim.

Lastly, my doc martins are my new fave accessory. I am in love. I basically wear them every single day!

I hope you have a beautiful day + remember to enjoy every second life has to offer.


Spring 2020 Trends

Pictures are soon to come!

I always stay up-to-date w/ the latest trends. It’s just in my nature, I guess!

If you want to be on top of the fashion game stay close because you do not want to miss this!

Denim skirts…I’m talking lonnnggg denim skirts. I think I had one of those when I was younger haha, but they are coming back.

Gold chains. Chunky gold chains! You have no idea how happy I am that this is making a comeback. I used to be obsessed!

Hoop earrings. I mean kind of a given, but classic + I’m here for it!

Statement blouses. Thank the fashion lords. The puffier the betta!

Big purses. Once again thank the fashion lords because I need all the extra space I can get!

Leather. Girllll + boys…it is all about the leather! Colorful leather too! Nude leather, brown leather, green, and red leather are about to be the next thing!

Bermuda shorts. When can these stop coming in style??? *As I am already online shopping some as we speak*

Big. flowy dresses. The bigger the better! Like I am talking moo-moo status or however you spell it!

Neon Moon

I h8 to say this, but YES I am obsessed w/ neon everything. Now that we are approaching early spring I thought it would be nice to do a little throw back.

Denim skirts are making a huge comeback for spring. I love a good denim skirt. This one is from Zara (go figure) I think I bought it on sale too, but they always have these so you can head on over now to get on the trend!

White tee + denim jacket are also from Zara haha seriously guys when can they gift me with free stuff? I spend all my time there!

I love a basic white tee. So chic! I am also in love with cute little cropped tee’s so this was calling my name. Dress it up with gold chains or leave it as is.

This jacket def makes a statement. All you need is this jacket to make the look come together. This is a crop style as well. Perfect for day dates, lunch days, or just for lounging around. It makes the perf accessory.


Polka Dots + Band Tee’z


I really wish I had models to put up because I am sure all of you are tired of seeing my face hehe, but I promise you, I am working on getting some models up in here!

Polka dots are like THEE best thing you can invest in because they never go out of style! No matter what year it is, what szn is it, they will always stay relevant! I have exactly two polka dot tops + 2 pairs of polka dot pants and I can honestly say I keep them outside for when it’s too chilly, but continue to bring them in every single year.

I got these from Zara. The only thing I kinda hate is that they’re see through! I got them on sale for like $15 and couldn’t resist. Regardless if they are see through, you need them! They make a cute beach cover up as well.

Style with tennis shoes, booties, or little sock booties like I wore them.

You can wear polka dot x polka dot or you can wear a band tee! Make it fun and interesting, always. I promise you, once you put it on you are going to be like “wow this does look good.” You guys know me, I love a good band tee and I love to be extra AF everywhere I go. The band tee is also from Zara and omg as I am typing this…so are my shoes.

Geeze can Zara just sponsor me already?? Clearly, my whole wardrobe is from there!

Band tee’z are another trend that seem to never go out of style. After I saw Bohemian Rhapsody I became obsessed. I literally have 3 or 4 Freddie Mercury tee’s! #sorrynotsorry

Have a polka dot day!


Hatz Attack


I can’t tell you how many times I have bought these bohemian inspired hats, and how many times I haven’t worn them or thrown them away!

I was just never satisfied! Until I saw this bb..

I made my BF buy this for me for x-mas and once again I am in love! I think I’m in luv with basically anything my bf buys me! But seriously this is like such a good hat! It’s the perfect fit, the perfect style, and v. affordable! I got this from Cotton On for like $25 which is such a steal! The quality of this hat makes it seem like I spent $60!

It looks best with light denim, a dark sweater, some doc martins!

Or, for an ultra chic look you can style with trousers, a crop top, and a long trouser. Add in some fun snakeskin boots, and you are ready to go!


Matching S E T S

IMG_3782 (1)

Thanks to the Kardashians it is totally acceptable to wear basically a sweatsuit for any and every occasion! I just got this for x-mas at Zara and I am in love! Normally I love turtlenecks, but think they never look good on me, but with this one, I am totally in love. The quality is out of this world! How chic does this look? I love how comfortable it is! It seriously feels like I am wearing pj’s!

Of course I am the epitome of being extra lol so you know I had to add in my big obnoxious belt and some bangles! Let me just say, this outfit was a hit!

I, once again added in my snakeskin boots from Steve Madden! This look can also be worn with white sneakers, clear heels, or with black heels.