dat new new


heyy heyy hey!

So guys, I recently just got really into this brand called “sorella”. (Kylie Jenner’s best friend owns it so that should be enough to check it out!)

They have lots of “trill” apparel+vintage keepsakes which is super rad

I was inspired by their models when I took this pic.

the style is not for everyone though, but I love it! They have lots of cool “girls tour” items which are so cute+fun! (not wearing sorella, only the sunnies are from there) but i did buy lots of stuff from there I just have not worn them yet! 😉


I have been super into camo pants but I never bought them..actually I have some camo sweats, but I realllyyy wanted some cool ones like these! I got them at Pretty Little Thing! which is my new fave online store! They do have reasonable prices and great sales! You guys should for sure check it out. Camo is also really on trend right now! Depending on how you wear it, it will look awesome! I would only wear these pants with high heels though, just to make it look more sexy and not so tomboy-ish.

So far I love them!!! I would love to pair it with a black tube top or a cool crop top! I just need to go shopping to find the right piece to go with it. For now I just paired it with a girly blk tank top.

I just got those cool “sock heels” @ Zara!! I am obsessed! The heel is a little higher than what I normally go for, but they are super cozy+in style this season! They match with everything+they are my latest obsession.



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