Thank gawd it’s friday!!!

I have been waiting for this day all week! lol I feel like I had such a stressful week so it is a blessing that I got through it! (been job searching for like decades)

The other day I went to a hockey game in Ontario, CA+before the game we stopped at this super fun/chill restaurant  (literally had to spell check “restaurant”) lol

anywho if you guys are ever around that area you must go! it is super yummy+inexpensive!

I love this new sweater that my sister gave me! She accidentally ordered two so I got to keep one! You can never go wrong with wearing all blk….except this was probs the worst outfit to wear to a hockey game!! 🙂

It was so uncomfortable and I could barely walk up/down the stairs in these high heeled booties! but still love the outfit just for a diff occasion!

My whole outfit is from @Zara I also added in a small pink glittery purse…you can never go wrong with glitter!



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