Girls Tour


I am so obsessed with this look!

I’ve been super into t-shirt dresses lately + this one is from this really dope boutique called “Sorella”. I’ve mentioned it before, but you girls need to check it out! They have lots of cool t-shirt dresses in so many cool colors+it is pretty affordable! I love everything about that store! I also paired this dress with my leather jacket+it looked perf for a night look.

Also HOW COOL ARE MY BOOTS!! I don’t really wear knee high boots too often, but I could not pass these up! +++guess how much they were at F21?! They were only $4.00!!!!! Can you believe that? They were normally like $50 so I got a pretty good deal! I love the plaid fabric, it reminds me of Kendall Jenner lol + they look great with skinny jeans

I’m just really diggin’ this outfit! What do you guys think?!

Sorry I haven’t posted I have been soooo busy butttt I hope you all have a great week! I plan to be blogging a lot more! Stay Tuned!



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