About Me (Ashley, Smaashhleyyy)

Hi babes,

so where do I even began…My name is Ashley Herrera. I go by Ashley Her because #funfact I hate saying my last name. Ever since I was a little girl I had a hard time saying my “R’s” and my name has a lot of that letter so I like to keep it simp.

Super mad rn because I wrote the perf “about me” and it deleted!! I’m sorry I am really random most of the time! Anywho some people call me smaashhleyyy (long story about that name, if you really wanna know i will tell you guys lol but it’s not what it sounds like hahah)

or if it is my boyf he calls me baby,babe,or princess lol

I am 23 years old. Cinco De Mayo baby. So you already know I was born a marg/dos xx lover.

Hi-light of my life: Graduating from FIDM in 2016. For those of you who do not know, it is a fashion institute in DTLA. BEST.DAY.EVRRRR (especially for me because I am 90% streetsmart and 10% book smart. No shame in it though lol

I am obsessed with my bf…like literally love that kid to pieces. #QuickStory

I never thought I would find “the one”. I had my heart broken a million and one times, and a million times I would cry, and cry, thinking I would never meet my one true love, and I found him. It’s like we were always meant to be, and finally we crossed paths so randomly and it’s like he was always mine.even before we met. He is perfect. So sweet,so amazing, so selfless. Were obvi not married yet or engaged but when you know, you just know. I truly wish everyone could find their “Alfred” (my bf name)

Anyway back to fashion. I made a blog because I obvi love styling outfits. I am beyond passionate about this. I knew I wanted to be a stylist so long ago when all my friends and family members asked me for tips about clothes.

A couple of things to describe me:




book worm


SUPER DUPER NICE!!! (literally don’t have a mean bone in my body)





family lover

friend lover

crazy (in a good way)

travel newbie (even though i hate flying)

beach babe

social media savvy




awkward…..really awkward


music lover

If you guys wanna know anything else or have anything to add in please comment below! I wanna know more about you all as well. Maybe we can be internet friends!


-Ashley Her