Can u see meeee

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put your visine on 😉


omg i have been really wanting to add in a new look to my wardrobe! I can 100% honestly say I never liked the whole camo trend, but I think it was because I was so afraid I could not pull it off.

I feel like it is so fun to let loose and try something new. Especially when something tragic happens in your life and you just wanna start fresh.

Nothing tragic happened in my life, but I feel like I need a new look! I want people to be surprised when they see me rockin’ some camo pants! I wanna let others know that it is okay to be different!! Trust me there are so many people that hate on my outfits, but I never let it get to me! #bye #haters

I just got some other camo pants as well! They have not arrived in the mail yet,but I got them from They are a cute girly/badass/chic brand. It is pretty affordable! They have lots of trendy items! Go look+tell me what you think!!

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I honestly love the days where I just get up, put on an outfit, and end up lovin’ it!

I am still crazy about leather pants!! They are my weakness (especially the ones from Zara)

If you wanna be a baddie I recommend you get some leather pants! They honestly look so dope with any outfit, any time of day. They are super easy to pair with any outfit. I am just sad that soon it will be spring, and I am going to have to put all my winter clothes away 😦

I am totally a winter gal. I hate summer fashion!! I honestly think it is the absolute worssttttt!!

Also denim jackets never.go.out.of.season!!

I still love the ripped denim trend///especially for a chill night!


girl power always

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GIRLS RULE, BOYS DROOL (insert peace sign emoji)

I did it! I made history!

I have never felt so liberated before! I went to the women’s march in DTLA on saturday+I have to say it was amazing. TBH I never cared much about this subject (even though I should) but I am just not into it, but being there on saturday was forsure life changing.

All the crowd, the posters, the love that I felt was surreal. I never imagined myself to enjoy the march, but It was just so rad! All these people from around the LA area came to unite on peace+love! Men, woman, girls, boys, everyone was just family. It felt nice to be in a place where no one was judging, for once.

My outfit was pretty risky to wear to a march! (I wasn’t expecting on going…obvi)

buuuttt, I love love LOOOVVEEE my houndstooth pants! They are classic and good for an interview or just for a simp day look+I paired it with some glitter booties! Although I mostly wear white booties paired with the pants. I wore it with my favey white turtleneck! I wish you guys could see the sleeves on my top because it has this chic, vintage feel to it! It is perf to wear with denim jeans, flared jeans, black pants, a denim skirt! It is super cute and will always be in style just because of how unique it is.

I paired the pants with my cheetah coat because I thought it gave it some edge! I like to be risky and I think It actually turned out to match pretty well! (even though it is a little funky)

But on the + side I got a lottttt of compliments on this look! I am also lovin’ this filter I used from VSCO!

btw Mostly all my pics are edited by VSCO. If you don’t have the app you MUST get it! ❤




One of my top dresses that I love in my closet!

I hardly ever wear it, but It still is one of my faves because I love how unique it is, and I know it is very dark, but if you add the right accessories, then it will look less grungy.

I added in the cool western belt ($17 at H&M) I just got it yesterday and they have a bunch of diff western go check it out!

I would love to rock this outfit with a boho inspired hat, and add in a bunch of cool necklaces and a fur jacket and you are ready to go!




cool gurl


love,love,love this look.

It is so simple,and not as trendy as most outfits, but i dig it! (no pun intended) sometimes you don’t always need to look trendy, sometimes it’s just about feeling good about yourself.

my whole entire outfit is from F21 of course, because they are always so affordable!

I’m really into leather jackets again! I feel like they look good with everything. I used to be obsessed with them a couple of years ago, and now the feeling is back!

Also I just got these new sunnies+I am lovin’ them!! I can’t wait for summer so I can wear them!



devil in a new dress

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#edgy #risk taker

How fun is my pink wig???

once again I am obsessed with something new! I feel like wearing a wig is fun for New Years eve, for Christmas, for basically anything.

I love the color+love how it is a major statement piece.

I still wear my little black slip dress, from @PUR Melrose.

It is the perfff party dress!

Btw this was such a candid photo, I honestly did not like any shots I got except for this one.


Hopefully you guys are having a better day than I am..I woke up last night with the stomach flu so I have to keep this post short I feel horrible 😦

sending love around the globe! Happy Holidays!